The Slut Lullabies





Gino Frangello's Slut Lullabies will seduce you" ::Vanity Fair

Slut Lullabies is beautiful, daring, triumphant. Gina‘ s writing is fearless and original and kind and there simply aren‘t enough books like this."
::Stephen Elliott, The Adderall Diaries

Savvy, sexy, blunt stories that keeping inviting a reader in. Frangello‘ s voice feels like a friend you‘ve known for years, telling you stories with warmth and insight."
::Alimee Bender, Willful Creatures and The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

Gina Frangello is unafraid to look hard at the dark side of human nature, but she writes with such compassion and humor that we came away from these fictions with new insight into the strange world we all live in. You lift your head from this book dazed and blinking in new light. These are jaw-dropping stories." ::Dan Chaon, Await Your Reply

Slut Lullables is daring short fiction at its finest; it explores the full range of modern
life - from love to sex to illness to family - with all the refinement and frankness of Anaïs Nin. If you have
any question about the future of the short story, this beguiling collection is its formidable answer."
::Joe Meno, The Great Perhaps

My Sister‘ s Continent



Frangello is uncanny and mesmerizing in this smart, suspenseful psychosexual drama
as she choreographs traumatic and even criminal family dynamics."
::Booklist, January 2006, Donna Seaman

A Freudian tale of a family‘s twisted past... weaving complex issues of sexuality, AIDS and eating disorders."      ::Chicago Magazine, December 2005, Jennifer Tanaka

A refreshing rebuttal to the canard that feminism is humorless....." ::Chicago Tribune, December 2005, Bill Savage

In this reworking of Freud‘s famous case study, a modern-day Dara exacts her revenge, plunging the analyst-reader into a phantasmagoria of neurosis, psychosis, and hysteria which defies resolution or cure. A chilling post-mortem of the Freudian Century."   
::Alex Shakar, Luminarium

In My Sister‘s Continent, Gina Frangello has added unusual and compelling insights into feminist "hot button" topics-bulimia, incest, AIDS-steering them off over-used, well-worn tracks and into new, sometimes treacherous territory."
::Cris Mazza, Somthing Wrong With Her and Is It Sexual Harrassment Yet?

Gina Frangello writes about sex, pyschology and sisterhood with a rare sensitivity and tremendous wit. This is a delightful novel, full of rollicking scenes and uncanny wisdom."    ::Steve Almond, God Bless America

My Sister‘s Continent is brilliant and timely-readers who find themselves bored and de-sensitized by the recent deluge of shock-value lit will be blindsided by this truly disturbing and undeniably germane piece of work...[T]he power issues at work between women and men and family today are bared three-dimensionally here, and Frangello‘s only agenda is honesty. The results are stunning, and readers will come away from this book changed." ::Don De Grazia, American Skin