What Cybersport Games Are Worth Your Attention?

In the outgoing year, many interesting projects have emerged, claiming the title of “eSports discipline”. Let's analyze the new games and try to understand the prospects for their development in the near future. Begin to train now to be in the top when these disciplines will be at the peak of popularity and everyone would like to win betting at https://lolbettings.com/ and other resources.

Cybersport is a trend. A strong statement that does not need to be checked. And the games claiming the proud title of “cybersport discipline” appear every year. Note that we have tried to consider projects of different genres and directions. In fact, there are many great cybersport games that are worth playing.

Games You Shouldn't Pass By

Check the best e-Sports games below:

  • Gwent. It so happened that any card game is doomed to the stigma "Hearthstone clone" and soon oblivion. There were a huge number of attempts to create a worthy competitor for Blizzard, but all projects were suffocated after a short period of time. With Gwent, the story is slightly different. It has a completely different game mechanics. Developers from the very beginning have some kind of tactics of forming cybersport discipline, and they will stick to it.
  • Paladins. The second discipline on our list, which is accused of "cloning" the project Blizzard. In this case, there is every reason for this. At the same time, the developers of Paladins have to say thanks to the “Blizzard” for the popularity and prospects. The bottom line: the Overwatch tournament system is too complicated and expensive. In Overwatch League 12 teams. To create a team and get it in the top, you need to pay a lot. The number of Paladins tournaments with quite pleasant prize pools is also increasing.
  • Quake Champions. The classic shooter is back in a new beautiful format, and all the “oldies” of the discipline are in action. Organizations are rapidly gaining players and are ready to fight in tournaments.
  • Injustice 2. The developers of NetherRealm Studios did not just a classic fighting game, but something more. The possibility of customization and character pumping gave the genre a new round of development. How long will the developers and how long they can support the game, only time will tell. But it should be noted that the fighting games, popular in the 90s and early 2000s, again become the object of interest of gamers.

It is logical that the number of eSports disciplines is growing every year. Some of them disappear in a couple of months, while others still find their audience and delight their fans days and nights. The main thing to remember is that you decide what to play and what to watch. And it is you who decide the fate of potential cyber disciplines.