What to Pay Attention to Choosing Hunting Binoculars?

Before getting binoculars, each hunter asks himself, which model it is better to give preference to and which choice is going to be the most optimal one. There are certain criteria for choosing the right binoculars. Among the most important things to pay attention to there are the following: convenience and light weight, good optical characteristics, reliability and light intensity, sufficient wear resistance, impact resistance, water protection and corrosion protection.

On the one hand, buying a pair of binoculars may seem to be an easy task as the assortment is simply huge, but, on the other hand, it is not easy to find the device that will meet all your requirements. Let's have a closer look at the things you should pay attention to while choosing the pair of hunting binoculars.

Features of Hunting Binoculars You Should Learn More about

  • Prism type: At the moment there are two main types of prism systems used in binoculars: porro and roof. In binoculars with roof-prisms, the lens and the eyepiece are located on one axis, one behind the other, so that such binoculars are compact and lighter. When using the same porro-prism, the lenses are shifted to the sides with respect to the eyepieces, which provides better image quality and increases the depth of perception.
  • Antireflection coating: Enlightenment of optics significantly affects the quality of the image, in the first place, its brightness and contrast if there is an insufficient illumination. Having binoculars with unenlightened optical components, up to 40% of the light entering the lens is lost at the boundaries between the air and the lenses. In a device with full multilayer bleaching, losses are only 2.5% and even less.
  • Focusing mechanism: Modern binoculars, in general, have a central focusing mechanism with the possibility of dioptric correction to compensate for the different visual acuities of the left and right eyes. This allows you to adjust the sharpness of the image in both eyepieces at the same time.

Which Binoculars will be Perfect for Hunting?

Let's make a list of requirements for a good field binocular, which can be used for hunting, fishing, tourism and active recreation in general.

  • Magnification: 6-8x;
  • The diameter of the lens: 30-50mm;
  • Prism type: porro;
  • Field of view: not less than 6 ° (105 m at a distance of 1000 m), better – more;
  • Moisture protection / filling of the housing with nitrogen: mandatory;
  • Enlightenment: presence is mandatory, preferably full multilayered green;
  • Rubberized housing: desirable;
  • Removing the exit pupil: 12-15 mm or more;
  • Mounting of lens caps and eyepieces to the body: desirable;
  • The presence of a goniometer / rangefinder: it is desirable.