How to Compose an Essay on Free Topic: Effective Tips and Tricks

Has your teacher provided you with the freedom to write an essay on the topic you like? Usually, essays on free topics are stories about some interesting event, a memory of a trip, or about how you spent your holidays, or a story about what book you read, what a wonderful film you watched, what person you met. You are free to write about politics, celebrities and any person who has ever made an indelible impression on you. Also, there may be a biographical story, i.e. story about yourself.

There are many variants of topics to choose from. However, you should pick the one you feel passionate about and can share some interesting experience with the reader. In case you experience difficulties with the selection of a topic, the most reasonable way is to ask the advice of professionals where you can get the necessary help with any paper.

How to Write an Essay on Free Topic that Will Impress the Reader?

Getting to work on the essay, you must adhere to the rules of this genre. Check the basics you should know before you get started with the essay writing.

  • Any event you write about in an essay should have a beginning, the main body, and the conclusion. Follow the sequence! The well-structured essay is the key to success.
  • Make your paper bright and vivid. Demonstrate your knowledge of language means able to help the reader visualize what you are writing about.
  • Concentrate the reader's attention on the major problem of the topic. Use different hooks to catch and hold the reader's attention.
  • Stick to the 5-6 essay structure. Don't make it too long and don't write less than 5 paragraphs as you won't be able to reveal the topic if writing the less volume
  • Choose the topic you feel passionate about or you are familiar with. Take into account that the selecetion of a good topic isn't as easy as ABC. There are a lot of topics to choose from but you need to be guided by your own knowledge and experience.
  • Include illustrative examples in your essay. It is not a secret that it is much easier to understand the topic if there are examples from the real life.

The Best Ways to Get Started

Do you wonder how to start an essay? It is not rocket science but few students find it easy. There are several variants on how to get started. One of them is to provide some interesting facts, which not everyone knows. Make sure that these facts have been taken from the reliable sources. Another way is to tell a story that will intrigue the reader and will make him/her wonder what is going to be next. One more variant is to start from some statistics as people trust figures more than words. Choose the best way for attracting the reader and follow the tips for writing an essay on free topic that have been mentioned above.