What Should Swingers-Beginners Know?

Tired of monotonous marital sex, couples decide on a swing exchange of sexual partners. This is not banal group sex with its confusion and permissiveness. Swingers have certain clear rules. Permanent couples are engaged in swinging. Most often, spouses who faced the first crisis of relations in 3-5 years of marriage start visiting the swinger club New York. Contemplation of one’s own husband or wife who has nearby sex with someone else’s spouse greatly enhances sexual feelings.

What Should You Know about Swing?

Here are certain rules of having swinger sexual practice:

  • There shouldn’t be a one-on-one relationship. All meetings take place only in a "pair" composition. No love and jealousy, the relationship is broken in this case.
  • There is no deception in swinging. Meetings are held by mutual agreement. Although such a love for four is welcomed primarily by men who have long been considered great opponents of monotonous ordinary spousal sex.
  • Another golden rule of the swing is no violence. If a person says solid “No” - it means “No”. Swingers clearly keep their distance: someone else’s wife is always someone else’s wife, no one has the moral right to invade someone else’s life and change something in it.

Women are drawn into the exchange of couples quite quickly. It is noteworthy that couples who have tried swing at least once rarely quit this activity, not finding normal sex satisfactory.

If You Try It Once You Won’t Return to Traditional Relationships

Most often, couples meet for a year and a half, then another couple is invited. The meaning of the relationship is in the periodic change of partners. You will be surprised to learn that people practicing swing are distinguished by excellent health because sex is the best cure for all diseases.

Incredibly, the bond of marriage for the swingers is sacred. Of course, there are times when families fall apart because of falling in love, but this can happen with an ordinary couple who have lived together for some time. The swingers themselves are sure that it was the swing that strengthened their marriage, finally establishing an exchange of emotions between spouses. “Relations became freer after we learned to share not only finances but also sexual fantasies,” experienced swingers say.

However, joining the swingers movement is not so simple. It is necessary to find those clubs where private parties are held where couples can get to know each other better, in every sense of the word. Look for the best swingers club to get an unforgettable experience.

No matter how society relates to this movement, to be a swinger or to keep vows of fidelity given to each other upon marriage is a private affair of every adult. It isn’t right to say that swinging is not for you. It is worth trying swing at least once to understand whether you like it or not.