What Can You Find Using a Metal Detector?

You begin to think about buying your first metal detector. This can be an interesting feeling, very exciting. Many have already appreciated the romance and adventure spirit of free search. With a metal detector, you can find not only something in the ground. Suddenly, you can discover new character traits in yourself.

The search for coins and treasures with a metal detector requires certain knowledge. Therefore, even before you go to your first "cop", it is better to prepare. The minimum that is worth knowing well is the principle of operation of your metal detector. And then nothing beats the joy of the first find. And what exactly can be found in the layers of the earth? What interesting and valuable finds can please your eye with a beginner model of a metal detector? Let's try to consider these issues in this article.

The First Finds with a Metal Detector

But we will start with the most important dangers for a beginner. Your main enemies at first are your feelings. The first thing to remember is to dampen your impatience and excitement a little. You probably want to immediately rush into the field. Clay jugs and decaying bags full of gold coins will stand before your eyes. It's okay to experience that. But you should keep all these feelings under control.

The second point that awaits any beginner is no less dangerous. You will be pulled continuously to dig and for any reason to take up a shovel. Pull yourself together and decide what exactly you are looking for. After each detector signal, do not rush to dig. Forces can leave you even before you find something worthwhile. Wasting your strength and time on useless trash, you cannot find a truly valuable treasure.

In the first few visits, you may be scared by the abundance of garbage and metal in the layers of the earth. Whether it is sod or deep enough - you run the risk of stumbling into useless trash all the time. It is worthwhile to carefully choose a place to search with a metal detector. In the vastness of your homeland, there may be many places that can be a nightmare for a search engine. Your metal detector will crack nonstop, and you will be confused and disappointed.

Searching for everything at once is a tedious task. As a result, search efficiency and the number of finds will decrease. It is better if you immediately determine the direction of your search. There are some of the most popular destinations. Conventionally, searches with a metal detector are divided into searches "in the old days", searches at battlefields, and beach searches. You can also highlight the search with a metal detector in old houses (for example, attic search). You can choose one of the directions and work in it, gaining experience. Check the useful tips before you get started.